Vague theoretical detail 
Please note that this article, along with many others, were written months back. Because of this, the chronology is unknown. I wanted to just share some of it regardless. I hope you enjoy! 
This was originally an IG post but I want to give it some permanence by posting it here. 
"An untitled piece that’s part of my Bodmin series from earlier this year. There’s a strong connection to my experience exploring and photographing Bodmin within this series. In this work, I use photographs as a reference point but not in a direct way. The gap between photo and painting is where my ideas tend emerge - there’s room in this space to interpret and play with the subject matter. What isn’t available in the photograph is what allows the process of painting to take over in a sporadic but decisive manner. That’s another way of saying the ‘story’ begins with a photograph - a reference of the experience - but the ending emerges from a middle chapter of reflection and expression. 

I make a point of playing within that space of uncertainty, that grey area, where things are left out. It’s the distance between representation, actual experience, and the abstract picture. The paintings I produce have an anchor in an external environment, but through instinct and expression, and the abstract visual form, in the end refer more to the internal landscape of the mind. The paintings are about experience and feeling, more than the physical forms out in the world - though these things aren't totally disconnected. 

This internal landscape of the mind is at the helm of the work. Experiences are mental processes - they happen in the mind via the body. I think abstract art is well suited to dealing with this idea, through its emphasis on colour and mark making, which in turn produce feelings and hint at qualities of our senses. These effects are something like those we have in day to day experience. There’s a directness that is familiar of being struck by, for example, the sublime quality of a landscape. In this way, I think the intensity of an abstract painting recalls the intensity of experience. The chronology of the subject, the event, is removed; the perspective is gone. In turn, the salient mindset fades, and unmediated experience takes over - raw feelings that come as a result of the work. A specific nod towards the sheer variety of our experience and an opportunity to explore our own internal landscape."
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