I like to play with words here and there.

Everyone's mourning now
The loss of our deeply loved lives
The loss of the fast-paced
Only inside now
Outside is ruined and in places
Only inside now
Outside is risky

But so is inside
That's where YOU are
That person you have avoided in the past
Perhaps you have done so all your life
And now they are all you've got
You're trapped with them between four walls
Stone, or wood or plasterboard

Some of us are learning that we quite like
That person inside
And we feel bad for not saying hi
And many have dropped their pride
And said 

But many is not all
Between LED lights some fight still
Battle with the one inside
Mad with rage
Maddened with pain 
Fifty years locked away
Is no one's idea of fun

Some hope yet? 


If you compressed the sound of a nuclear bomb exploding
And funneled it through a megaphone
That would be how she sounded
That day

This road is muddy, wet
My boots
The same
All things muddy, wet
Soaked through
Opposite of dry
Of fine
This is the next few months
Mind the puddles
Slippery patches
Hidden within are
Broken branches
Don't trip. 
An entire lifetime can be worth a phone call

Change is chance, essentially. 
To be able to create and make change
Is to have been dealt a good hand.
Change is chance because it's irrational.
Working man knuckles down his whole life
May never see the change he seeks.
And there'll be that restlessness
In how he sleeps tonight
And in his grave. 
One eye open, one day. 
Change is chance because many try their hardest and fail still.
Because some barely try or never tried at all
And succeeded
Beyond their wildly meagre imaginations.
For them it was a two minute phone call, a text -
A few pints at the pub
Down the road
With the pretty local waitress overseeing rounds with her wild fiery eyes.
"Round's on me" he says - 
The deal is made.
Fiery eyes smiles falsely,
Internally crucified,
The two men feel empowered. 
Change - arbitrary chance. 
The difference between a half
Or whole pint. 


Water fall over me
Take me with you
To the depths
Into the abyss
So I can gaze
Back at my ghost
In the illusion
In the box
In the nightmarish dream
That holds me
And so many 
By night
And by day

Water fall over me
So I can breath
So can see
So I can feel
305 degrees fahrenheit 

Water fall over me
So I can hear the music
So they know i am not mad
So I can see myself
My senses

Water fall over me
So I can swim

Two dots on paper
connect with a line
Two friends in town
Connect with drink
Two lovers on earth
Connect by phone
Two particles in space
Miles apart
Connect with
Quantum physics

And I am still alone

Endless dust and
Profound heat
Sublime grandeur
Beauty -

This endless beach
Without a shore
Without the sea's confident caress
Only with the hellish muchness of 
Burning footsteps under cobalt skies
Reverberating on
Fractured grounds
Sucking you down
Trying to
If it wasn't so hot
You wouldn't walk so fast
And you'd pass right through
To the burning under world

Shelter in a steel cage
Air con on with the radio playing
From afar you can view this pretty prison
This hellish marvel reveals a truth:
Hades realm is beautiful
A photo worth taking
A place you want to visit
A place you might live.
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