Concerning the night sky
Please note that this article, along with many others, were written months back. Because of this, the chronology is unknown. I wanted to just share some of it regardless. I hope you enjoy! ​​​​​​​
In recent months I have gravitated towards darker colour palettes, emphasising tones and hues familiar of the blue hour at the closing of the day. I have always found this time of day incredibly thought-provoking and poignant. A disruption to what we know about seeing takes place, as our minds adjust to not seeing. The light fades, details disappear and then something essential emerges; as if an archaic structure slowly revealed itself out of melting ice. A new shape of the landscape defines itself by reduction. The night is seen in the distance, looming, but not yet all-consuming. This is a time of questioning and apprehension, a time where we might notice something hidden or mysterious. 
The looming night acts as a reminder of our place in this universe, one that is connected and bound with all of reality. Down to the quantum level, we are involved with reality: we are nature. Even our computers, wifi, and our instruments of destruction and creation, are all nature. All part of a mesh of reacting matter, sub-atomically connected, symbiotically originating. It creates a strange feeling of being able to touch rocks and mountains in the furthest reaches of the universe. We are connected to places like this through the transferral of energy. 
When I see the stars and the night sky in the distance, I think in this way - and I am amazed. The sheer immensity and improbability of us, of everything, is often overwhelming. I believe it's the greatest mystery of all. There is no greater uncertainty and state of unknowing, than to reflect on this improbability, this sheer whimsical chance that is us; that has led to our art, love, and kindness; all within such an unfathomably gargantuan universe. These ideas always come to mind as day ends. Whether that is owed to the night sky, or the uncertainty a human can feel in the ‘dangerous dark’ - a primitively ingrained mechanic of our nature - I don't know. 

Untitled. 61x61cm. Acrylic on canvas. 2021

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