Harry Wade (B.1995.) is an emerging abstract artist based in Cornwall, UK. He graduated in 2021 with a 1st Class Honours degree in Fine Art from Falmouth University and is currently represented by Art UntamedMorgans Gallery, and Troze Contemporary Art.
Troze Contemporary Art, at The Crumb, PZ. Until December 29th, 2022. 
Morgans gallery, Falmouth. Until November 6th, 2022.
Troze Contemporary Art, Jupiter Gallery, 1st-6th of August.
Troze Contemporary Art, Newlyn, 1st-5th of July.​​​​​​​
Morgans gallery, Falmouth. July 6th to August 14th. 
Lucinda Dalton Gallery, Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead. May 2022.
Morgans gallery, Falmouth. April 13th to May 22nd. 
Lucinda Dalton Gallery, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea. 11th-13th March. 
Morgans gallery, Falmouth. 17th of November to the 4th of January. 
Lucinda Dalton Gallery, December pop up on Kings Road, Chelsea. 2nd-17th of December. 
Morgans gallery, Falmouth, November-Christmas show. 3rd of November to January 3rd.
Morgans gallery, Falmouth, September 22nd, 2021, until the 31st of October. 
Morgans gallery, Falmouth, June the 11th - July 8th, 2021
Falmouth University Graduate Show, 2021
Fish Factory Art Space, Penryn, August 05-16
Harry's, Hayle, 17th May, through to September 06, 2021
Falmouth Poly, early 2020. 
A while ago I did a series of small paintings about my awe for the universe. It’s a subject I think about often. There’s something fundamentally captivating about space. No matter how many times I pause to think about it, reality remains one of the most profound things I can think about.
But at the same time, there's a dissonant note to all of this. There are many hours in every day, where I go about my business, and when the universe may as well cease to exist. All I know is Earth. In fact, all I know is my life. One person out of billions, all of whom are more or less equally embedded in their day to day activities.
Perhaps this is why it strikes me so much. I constantly forget about what is actually going on right now: I’m on a planet full of people, orbiting a seething ball of fiery atomic reaction, within just one of billons of galaxies encircling a crushing black hole, that not even light can escape; and all these galaxies are destined to spread endlessly into a larger territory, that we can’t explain and may never be able to. It's pretty insane - and yet this is exactly the state of things. So what should we think about it? Should we even care?
I take a sip of my coffee, which I'm drinking out of a mug I quite like. The coffee is decent. It's almost funny. In one gulp, the universe is swallowed whole. Instinct and habit take over. My captivation, consumed in the experience of having coffee. 
Earth almost seems like a fantastical narrative in this context. One that pauses or even ends, when you look up to the stars. And begins again, when the business of being human inevitably takes over again. 
I’ll conclude this little text. The music in the video to the right is an expression of my awe for the universe. I've played with the idea of a journey from Earth to a distant planet in another galaxy - hence the name Leaving the solar system. I'll probably write the other parts at some point. The video was frankly just a bit of fun, but I think it's quite effective in places. 
Thanks for reading/watching and hope you enjoyed. Below you can view a couple paintings from this little tangent. 
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