In relation to moors and other high places 
"Harry Wade is a painter and photographer based in Cornwall. His 3-month project, In relation to moors and other high places, reflects on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, located near the county’s border. The captivating, often-missed landscape is comprised of ancient, rolling foothills, craggy boulder fields and precariously balanced, granite monoliths. They have captured his attention for a few reasons. Most notable, is the sense of wilderness he feels there.
A two year trip to the United States, taken in 2016, has heavily informed this work. Wade’s time exploring New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona and other Midwestern/Western States, triggered an undying love of wild land- scapes. As such, there are many poetic and metaphorical dimensions to this work, that hark back to his time in the United States.
Though in constant development, certain visual trajectories can be identified. For example, Wade frequently isolates shapes in negative space in order to distil the artist’s emotional situation. With this, the objective is to con- vey something of presence and being, rather than to depict or represent reality. Such uniformity and minimal approach is familiar of works by artists Mark Rothko and Agnes Martin, who have been inspirational in the development of this body of work." - statement on work, January 2021. 

Untitled. 12x12" Acrylic on deep canvas. Sold

Untitled no.1. 35x35" Acrylic on board, showing at Morgans, Falmouth, from the 22nd of September. Sold. 

Granite no.1. 24x16" Acrylic on canvas. Sold. 

Untitled no.2. 20x30" Acrylic on stretched canvas. Available. 

Untitled no.7. 14x26" Acrylic on board. Sold.

Untitled no.3. 35x27" Acrylic on board, showing at Morgans, Falmouth, from the 22nd of September. Sold. 
Untitled no.4. 30x21" Acrylic on board. Available at:

Untitled no.2. 50x40" Acrylic on canvas. Sold.

Untitled no.11. 20x16" Acrylic on canvas. Sold.

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