I’m a painter and photographer based in Cornwall. I also explore other mediums, such as film, music, and writing. It all feeds into the same creative stream. My work often reflects on landscapes I have been to or imagine visiting. The sensation of being in a place interests me greatly. I am always searching for an environment's emotional quality. Or perhaps better said, I am trying to render something of my own emotional situation in a given environment. 
A two year trip to the United States, taken in 2016, continues to inform my work. The vast array of landscapes I came across triggered an undying love of the road, and of the natural world, which I try to reclaim and index in my work. 
I’m interested in a stylistic sweet spot between minimal composition and expressionism. This liminal territory often includes rigid shapes, defined spaces, and structures - but they are executed in a painterly and expressive way. I am always trying to incorporate colours and marks I have seen in the world, to convey something of the sensation of being in a place. At once, I try to reach into uncharted parts of my mind, my experience; try to look for what exists in those more subconscious or indirect brain processes.
I have sold work through instagram for the past year and now have pieces in various collections across the UK and internationally. 
Morgans gallery, Falmouth, September 22nd, 2021, for four weeks
Morgans gallery, Falmouth, June the 11th - July 8th, 2021
Falmouth University Graduate Show, 2021
Fish Factory Art Space, Penryn, August 05-16
Harry's, Hayle, 17th May, through to September 06, 2021
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